Bambarakiri Ella Falls in Sri Lanka: The Basics

Bambarakiri Ella Falls in Sri Lanka or Bambarakele Waterfall is a tall waterfall in Sri Lanka. Dropping down a sheer vertical rockface down a height of 263m (863 feet), Bambarakanda waterfall takes the position of the world’s 299th tallest waterfall.

Bambarakiri Ella Falls in Sri Lanka: The Path to the Waterfall and the Attractions

After turning away from the A4 Highway at Kalupahana Junction, the route to the waterfall is a nostalgic drive through the massive unchanging mountains and lush vegetation that marks the untouched areas of Sri Lanka. Many cool streams and tributaries of rivers run right underneath the road or within sight of the traveller.

Not long after a passing a quaint little village known as the Weerakoon Village, an old Colonial era sign can be seen directing travellers to proceed on foot. The short walk after this sign is rather peaceful, being surrounded by nature, and the path also passes a small pretty bridge that lies over a stream that is perfect for a few photographs. After the bridge the path grows quite steep as it travels through the pine forest; and good boots or rubber soled shoes with a good grip are a necessity to avoid dangerous falls, as it is very slippery. After walking for a very short distance the base of the waterfall can be reached.

The icy sprays of water and intense roar bring to home the majesticity of Mother Nature, as a visitor stares at the awe-inspiring sight of several hundreds of gallons of water come crashing down to earth at a terrifying rate. The rock pool at the base of the waterfall is safe for a dip during the dry summer, but may be dangerous otherwise.
For those who crave more adventure, there exists a steep slippery climb of 5km, up rocks and mountain, to reach the top of the waterfall.

The views of the landscape from the top is breathtaking and the cascading sprays of water photographed from the top with the light reflecting off them are even more more beautiful than ever. In addition, there is a special reward for those that make the effort of the climb; a cool and clean natural rock pool perfect for bathing, formed by the smaller falls that the tributory goes through right before the huge drop of Bambarakanda waterfall.

Bambarakanda is a very popular waterfall visited by many tourists and holiday makers throughout the year.