Eastern and southern coastal line of Sri Lanka was badly damaged by the TSunami waves in 26th of December, 2004. More than 30,000 people died by this indecent. Even though the Tsunami wave took few hours to reach to Sri Lanka ( started because of Indonesian earthquake), since this was the first time, nobody knew what was it and what type of precautionary actions to be taken.

Peraliya is a little village, close to Hikkaduwa town by the coastal belt. That day morning, the train from Colombo to Galle was passing this village, when TSunami waves hit it. Waves was so powerful, that it pushed up the entire train , including the engine and the compartments and thow few meters away. More than 1500 passengers died in this incident. This is considered as the most tradagic train accident in world history. Not only the train passengers, large number of villages lost their lives because of this. Still you can see many abandon houses in this area, all or most of the residence were died in 2004 TSunami.

This Buddha statue was build, close to railway track, where this tragedy happened. Other interesting this is, this statue was done as a replica of the Bhamin Buiddha statues which were in Afghanistan. These original Afghan statues were destroyed by Taliban militants few years ago.