The Pinnawala Iparenigama Theme Park is a brand new and unique theme park in Sri Lanka, which opened its gates to the public in March 2016. It depicts traditional village life in the 17th and 18th centuries, and functions as a live folk museum. The park shows culture, cultivation methods and economic system of that prosperous era over three centuries ago. Visitors get to see the many important locations in the typical village of that period and engage in many fun activities.

Some of the attractions are:

  1. The Indigenous Doctor’s House (Weda Gedara)
  2. The Headman’s House (Arachila Gedara)
  3. The Gypsy Family (Ahikuntaka Janawasa)
  4. The Paddy Field (Kuburu Yaya)
  5. The Lake (Wewa)
  6. Aquatic Plants
  7. The Head Farmer’s House (Maha Gamaralage Gedara)
  8. The Coffee Bar (Kopi Kade)
  9. The Potter’s House (Kubal Gedara)
  10. The Carpenter’s House (Wadumaduwa)
  11. The Blacksmith’s House (Kammala)
  12. The Weaving Center
  13. The Souvenir Shop

Each attraction has its own interesting activity enabling visitors to live in the period. The souvenir shop has many beautiful traditional knick knacks at reasonable prices. The Pinnawala Iparenigama Theme Park provides lots of entertainment to its visitors, both local and tourists, regardless of age.