This statue of the Buddha has two names; one is Rasvehera and the other is Sasseruwa. It is called Rasvehera because on the day the Sacred Bo Tree was brought from Anuradhapura and planted at this premises the rays of Lord Buddha illuminated around the place. Rasvehera statue bears similar profiles to the Aukana Buddha statue. But there is a world of difference between the structures of these two Buddha statues. The Aukana Buddha statue is taller and stands 46 feet in height. while Sasseruwa is 36 feet in height. This Rasvehera statue is carved into a rectangular frame in the rock boulder without the head decoration; The Siraspatha but portrays dots for the hair. Aukana statue stands on an exquisite lotus symbol and the Rasvehera statue stands on a plain rectangular stone pedestal. The symbolic Mudras (gestures) depicted here differ from each other. In comparing all visual purposes, from the sculptured features on the Rasvehera Buddha statue it comes into view that it had been an unfinished state of sculpturing for reasons known only to this great unknown sculptor.

Rasvehera Highlights

Text by Neil Kiriella