Gregory Lake
Gregory Lake was build under the period of British Governor Sir William Gregory in 1873. This is the most prominent attraction in Nuwara Eliya and all the vistors used to come here and spent some time by the lake and relax.

Thelgamu Oya
‘Thelgamu oya’, destination of Rattota in the district of Central in the country of Sri Lanka.

Hamilton Canal
The Hamilton Canal is a 14.5 km (9.0 mi) canal connecting Colombo to Negombo in Sri Lanka. The canal was constructed by the British in 1802 and completed in 1804. It was designed to drain salt water out of the Muthurajawela wetlands.

Sembuwatta Lake
Sembuwatta Lake is a tourist attraction situated at Elkaduwa in the Matale District of Sri Lanka, adjacent to the Campbell’s Lane Forest Reserve. Sembuwatta Lake is a man-made lake created from natural spring water. Alongside the lake is a natural swimming pool.

Kandalama Reservoir
The Kandalama Reservoir (also erroneously known as the Kandalama Lake) is a reservoir in Kandalama, Sri Lanka. The reservoir is created by the 21 m (69 ft) high and 1,600 m (5,200 ft) wide Kandalama Dam.

Nanu Oya
Nanu Oya is a 27 km (17 mi) long stream in the Central Province of Sri Lanka It originates from Pidurutalagala at an elevation of over 2,000 m (6,562 ft) and drains into the Kotmale Oya at an elevation of approximately 1,200 m (3,937 ft). The Kotmale Oya is a tributary of the Mahaweli River, the longest river in Sri Lanka,

Beira Lake
Beira Lake is a lake in the center of the city of Colombo, Sri Lanka. The lake is surrounded by many large businesses in the city.

Kandy Lake
Kandy Lake. Kandy Lake, also known as Kiri Muhuda or the Sea of Milk, is an artificial lake in the heart of the hill city of Kandy, Sri Lanka…

Kala Wewa
Kala Wewa. Kala Wewa, built by the King Datusena in 307 B.C, is a twin reservoir complex (Kala Wewa & Balalu Wewa) which has a capacity of 123 million…

Panama Lake
Panama Lake. Panama Tank- Sri Lanka is located next to Helava Wekanda and is located in the Eastern Province…

Kottukal Lagoon
Kottukal Lagoon. Pottuvil is one of the most vibrant and productive coastal areas in Sri Lanka. The Kottukal area surrounding Pottuvil lagoon is a well-known tourist destination…

Semanikulam Lake
Semanikulam Lake. The unexplored East is a haven of natural wonders, wildlife, and historical sites that can tick off many a travel bucket lists. Picturesque lakes, majestic sunsets by the Semanikulam Lake…

Rotakulam Lake
Rotakulam Lake. For a day trip, you can visit one of the many lakes in the vicinity— Rotakulam Lake—to relax in the company of migratory birds…