Seruwawila Mangala Raja Maha Vihara is an ancient Buddhist temple in Trincomalee district in Eastern Province, which is among the sixteen or seventeen holiest Buddhist shrines (Solosmasthana) in Sri Lanka.

It was built during the reign of King Kavantissa (2nd century BC) containing the Lalata Dathun Wahanse (sacred forehead bone) of Lord Buddha. It can be reached by land and sea. The sea route begins at Trincomalee to Muttur on boat and another 16 km by roads and the land route is via Kantale, to Allai which is approximately 45 km through dense forest.

According to the late Dr. R. L. Brohier, the Seruwila region was a vast swamp or villu where the flood waters of the Mahaweli Ganga collected. This villu was the home of large flocks of teals (seru) during migratory period. That perhaps was how the place came to be known as Seruwawila.

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