Everyone has arrived and we are ready to go. First though, orientation! So after an hour or two of what to do and what not to do and a rather pathetic attempt to pick up some of the lingo, we are ready to start (we hope).

Dudley Perera who runs the community centre in Kosgoda (where we are heading), has come to pick us up. Kosgoda is a small costal village in the south west of Sri Lanka; about three hours drive from Colombo. Dudley set up the community centre after the 2004 Tsunami hit the village and devastated a number of homes. Since that time, volunteers have been coming to help out with the reconstruction of homes and also to teach English to the local children from poorer families. The centre also provides free lunch to the children, so they can get a square meal. Dudley hopes that in the next year or so he will have enough funds to make the community centre an orphanage as well.

The community centre is situated on the Galle Road, which runs all the way along from Colombo. Just across the road sitting on the beach is the Kosgoda Turtle Hatchery, which Dudley also runs!

We arrive just in time to work out who our roommates are and dump our bags in our rooms before it is time to go off and meet the children we will be teaching.

They are all sitting at the dining room area, which technically is a great big table under a tin roof, eating their lunch of chickpeas (which are quite nice). After lunch, they run down past the sand covered playground into the school building (which is were my room is located).

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