Mannar district which belongs to the Northern Province of Sri Lanka consists of an area that is part of the mainland and Mannar island – the largest islet in the country. The road to Mannar is through the dry zone of Sri Lanka. The landscape in Mannar district varies from wooded jungles to paddy fields and swaying palm trees.

Jaffna, the main city of Jaffna district (until the year 1824, the district was called Waligama) of the Northern Province is located in the northernmost peninsula of Sri Lanka. The Jaffna district is one of the 25 districts organized into the nine provinces, an artificial creation of the Colonial British (1815-1948) for the purposes of administration of the Island of Sri Lanka, then called Ceylon.

Access to Nagadeepa is from the village of Kurikattuwan (Kurikadduwan) of the island of Punkudutivu which is a 20 minute boat ride over the Palk Bay. The island of Punkudutivu is connected by a causeway over the Palk Bay to Kayts, the largest island of the cluster.

Called ‘Pasuthivu’ or ’Nedunthivu’ (the island of cows) by natives, it was named ‘Illha das Vaka’ by the Portuguese and renamed Delft by the Dutch, after the town in the Netherlands. It covers approximately 4,700 hectares and is sparsely populated. Delft has emerged relatively unscathed from the recently ended conflict and has kept its charm from the old days. Except for the bus, there are no vehicles in the island and the visit to the island is usually made in the trailer of a tractor.

Kilinochchi is the main town of Kilinochchi District, Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Kilinochchi is situated at the A9 road some 100 km south-east of Jaffna.

Vavuniya is a large town in the Northern Province, Sri Lanka, governed by an Urban Council. It is also the main town in the Vavuniya District.