Turtle is the most commonly found turtle in Sri Lanka. They are also found in the Indian. Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Their English name refers to the color of the fat found under their upper shell, which is unfortunately used to make turtle soup. Luckily this practice is less common today.

A major spot for Dolphin watching, Sri Lanka is located with a protected zone in the Indian Ocean. Spotting pods of dolphins along the North Western and Southern coast of Sri Lanka is always a memorable experience.

Located within the borders of the International Whaling Commission’s Protected Zone in the waters of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is gradually turning out to be a favoured island destination for Whale Watching with sightings of varieties of Baleen whales and Toothed whales. Our little island stands proud as a destination for all year round recreational activities.

There are many Birds sanctuaries across the little island 270 km by 140 km in size. Kumana is situated in east Coast, Bundala, Kalamatiya are is in the southern coast.

Butterflies are a fascinating species with their beautiful colors and their interesting life cycle. It is said that there are millions and billions of insect species and the ones that we know of are but a drop in the ocean.

The Sri Lankan leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) has been classified as endangered by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) and is a leopard subspecies that is native to Sri Lanka.

Endemic Birds
Sri Lanka Spurfowl – Galloperdix bicalcarata

Aquatic Life
Aquatic Life in Sri Lanka. Surrounded by sea on all sides and blessed with thundering water falls and more than 100 rivers meandering between the bosky banks, Sri Lanka is home to a rich variety of aquatic life. Of these, the amphibians and the reptiles account for the highest number of endemic species.

Known as the pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka is a wondrous island endowed with a plethora of resources such as an abundant biodiversity, rich culture, great history, varied landscapes and many more. However, when we talk about the wildlife of the island, it is the jumbos that come to mind at once.

In the world are over 300 species of agamid lizards belonging to the family of Agamidae among which about 18 species of agamid lizards have been recorded from Sri Lanka and 15 of them are endemic to the island, which is a global biodiversity hotspot being host to many a species of herpetofauna that shows a high degree of endemism.