Deep Sea fishing is a great adventure sport if you are keen on spending a few hours at sea. Since Sri Lanka is surrounded by the deep blue waters of the Indian Ocean, it offers travellers’ ample room for various water sports activities including deep sea fishing.

This activity is a form of angling that requires deep waters and is usually taken place further away from land. If you are going on a deep sea fishing expedition, the water depth should be at least 30 meters. Deep sea fishing is also called big game fishing, boat fishing and even sport fishing.

Deep sea fishing is also quite different from normal fishing expeditions. Taking your boat further away from land means that you will be in deep waters filled with big game fish such as tuna, sharks, swordfish and even marlin. You will certainly not come across these species closer to the coastline since they feed and reproduce in these deep ocean waters.

This adventure activity is relatively out of the lime light when compared with water sports such as surfing. However, there are a number of opportunities that are available for enthusiasts to explore these deep waters. The best season for sport fishing along the western and south eastern coast is usually from August to May when the deep seas are much calmer.

Names of fishes can catch

Commercial group English Name Scientific Name Sinhala Name
Seer Spanish Mackerel Scomberomorus Commersoni Thora
Paraw Jack Trevallies Carangodies Fulvoguttatus Thumba Parawa
Paraw Jack Trevallies Caranx Ignobilis Atanagul Parawa
Paraw Jack Trevallies Caranx Hebiri Guru Parawa
Balaya Skipjack Tuna Katsuwonus Pelamis Balaya
Kelawalla Yellow Fin Tuna Thunnus Albacares Kelawalla
Other Blood Fish Sail Fish Istiophorus Platypterus Thalapath
Other Blood Fish Marlins Makariya Indika Kalu Koppara
Other Blood Fish Marlins Makariya Mazara Nil Koppara
Other Blood Fish Marlins Tetrapturus Audax Iri Koppara
Other Blood Fish Frigate Tuna Auxis Thazard Alagoduwa
Rock Fish / Galmalu Spangled Emperor Lethrinus Nebulosus Meewetiya / Atissa
Rock Fish / Galmalu Long Face Emperor Lethrinus Olivaceus Uru Hota
Rock Fish / Galmalu Sharptooth Job Fish Pristipomoides Typus Kalamee
Rock Fish / Galmalu Blubberlip Snapper Lutjanus Rivulatus Badawa
Rock Fish / Galmalu Mangrove Red Snapper Lutjanus Argentimacu Latus Thabalaya
Rock Fish / Galmalu Blackspot Snapper Lutjanus Fulviflamma Ranna
Rock Fish / Galmalu Malabar Groyper Epinephelus Malabaricus Gal Kossa
Rock Fish / Galmalu Wavylined Grouper Epinephelus Undulosus Lawaya
Rock Fish / Galmalu Coral Hind Cephalopholis Miniata Thabuwa
Rock Fish / Galmalu Sri Lanka Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Ceylonensis Boraluwa
Rock Fish / Galmalu Threadfin Breams Nemipterus sp. Suddaha
Rock Fish / Galmalu Parrot Fishes Scarus sp. Girawa
Rock Fish / Galmalu Rabbitfsh Siganus so. Orawa
Rock Fish / Galmalu Barracudas Sphyraena sp. Jeelawa
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