Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island of paradise. With exotic birds and animals in tropical rainforests, little fishing hamlets with friendly brown-skinned natives, ancient ruins with mysterious legends, and endless coastlines of swaying palm fronds, hot white sands, and turquoise seas; the island is the picture perfect image of tropical heaven.

However, the most dominating attraction of Sri Lanka is definitely its beaches. White sand beaches, golden beaches, brown sand beaches, black sand beaches, beaches with fine powdery sand so soft you can sleep in it, beaches made of tiny pieces of sharp coral that look ever so pretty but hurt to step on, rocky beaches, muddy beaches (mudflats), reflective beaches with low wave energy, dissipative beaches with wide surf zones and high wave energy, and more. Sri Lanka has it all.

Visit Sri Lanka for the ultimate beach holiday! Enjoy the serene blue waters of Unawatuna. Relax in one of the resorts along sunny Bentota. Go swimming at Mirissa. Surf in the clear waves of the famous Arugam Bay. Immerse yourself in the untouched natural beauty of Hikkaduwa. Experience stilt fishing in Weligama. Indulge yourself with water sports at Trincomalee. Galle, Koggala, Uppuveli and Induruwa; the list of top beaches in Sri Lanka continues on…and on.

Sunbathe. Swim. Snorkel. Dive. Get an amazing golden tan. A world of hot sandy beaches, shady palms, and cool blue waters await you!

It’s the perfect time to spend your vacation in Sri Lanka with one of our Beach Holiday Tours below.

Adventurous Spirit – Holidays and Tour Packages in Sri Lanka

17 Nights
What may strike you most about Sri Lanka is its amazing geographical diversity. Within a tiny area of 65,610 you could get the experience of several continents. Visit the lush green tea estates of the hill country. Wander around the plains of Hill Country and witness the nature of the commercial city of Sri Lanka as well.
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Beach Getaway – Holidays and Tour Packages in Sri Lanka

07 Nights
Sri Lanka is adorned by an encircling of golden sandy beaches that offer quite splendid views of seas, which justifies its fame as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Visit Sri Lanka‘s southern beaches bustling with tourists and venture into the seas, snack on the delicious sea food and experience the thrill of the sea based life.
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USD 500 Upwards

Colors of Sri Lanka – Holidays and Tour Packages in Sri Lanka

19 Nights
Colors of Sri Lanka is a trip for those who appreciate the true beauty of diverse landscapes and the rich and fascinating culture and history of Sri Lanka. Visit the cool, lush green hill country. Embark on fascinating wildlife safaris and walk with the Aborigines (The ancient ones). Have a truly Sri Lankan experience with a cup of Ceylon Tea or fresh King Coconuts on the calm southern coast. This is undoubtedly a tour of immense charm.
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Culture & Coast – Holidays and Tour Packages in Sri Lanka

11 Nights
This unique 12 Day tour of Sri Lanka is the complete package of Paradise Island. Your journey will take you to the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, where ancient ruins and kingdoms romanticize the land with tales of times long since forgotten. Explore the last kingdom of Sri Lanka, Kandy and get lost in the beautiful, scenic, evergreen hills and valleys of Hatton and Ella. Conquer the wilderness of some of Sri Lanka’s most famous National Parks.
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East Explorer – Holidays and Tour Packages in Sri Lanka

20 Nights
Sri Lanka though a renowned leisure destination for its mesmeric hill country, exquisite beaches, and fascinating cultural attraction of ancient cities and shrines is not a destination that readily comes to mind for a golfing holiday. If you look up the Sri Lanka Map you will learn to your delightful surprise that you can easily fit in three fabulous golf courses of all Asia located at three elevations.
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USD 2160 Upwards

Golden Coast of the South – Holidays and Tour Packages in Sri Lanka

06 Nights
Escape from the daily urbanised city environment and spend the vacation in your dreams relaxing in the southern Coastal Belt. Experience the Rising Sun and Setting Sun warm your skin and the sea breeze blows by you relieving you from the stress.
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