Though Sri Lanka is a tropical island, hill country in Sri Lanka is all about enjoying the cool climate and sift breeze rustle around you, as your heart sings the happy rhymes embracing the beauty of the area. Snake along the narrow and misty roads to jet set your journey to explore the beautiful central Sri Lanka that always waits for you like a bride with a cloud veil.

Sun-dappled green hills, magical waterfalls, landscape enveloped with mist, dazzling blooms and sudden drizzles…

Here are top 5 must enjoy experiences in the hill country, Sri Lanka. Enjoy!

Stroll through lush tea plantations

Endless rolling tea estates spanning for acres and acres as far as the eye could see is a common sight to spot in the hill country. Tea plucking ladies in vibrant sarees among the lush green tea bushes – deftly picking and throwing tea buds into the sack they carry is such a busy sight. You can leisurely stroll along these tea plantations while the icy cold breeze pierces through your cheeks.

If you are lucky you would catch a glimpse of silvery water streams rustling down in the midst of perfectly manicured bushes of shimmering green tea plants. Plus, make this an opportunity to learn about world-famous Ceylon tea plantations.

Strike a pose in front of the magical St. Clair’s

Start your quest to discover a whimsical waterfall hidden in the hill country, the land of cascades. Just three kilometres away from the Thalawakale town, in Hatton Thalawakale main road, the Little Niagara of Sri Lanka snakes down, casting a spell upon anyone who would look at her.

Gracious like a queen and chaste like a virgin, St. Clair’s would take your breath away. She gushes down in violent torrents from the very top but makes her way down like a thin, flimsy netting of a bridal veil. Strike a pose in front of this cascading beauty and ask someone to click!

Sipping an authentic Ceylon cup of tea

If you trip in the hill country and do not opt for a cup of Ceylon tea, you are missing out the very essence of it. There are plenty of roadside tea lounges and tea houses where they blend tea leaves freshly every day. Get your perfect blend of premium Ceylon cuppa and sit back to sip it as the taste would tantalize your taste buds while warming up your body. Though there are different varieties of tea ranging from iced tea to black tea, go for the authentic flavour, as you might not be able to taste it anywhere else in the world. You can also take some tea home as there are so many varieties in luxury containers up for grabs. If your call is for the best tea in the world, you must have a steaming cuppa Ceylon tea.

Exploring the serene town of Ella

If you want to chill in the hills but still want a great adrenaline rush, Ella town is ideal for you. Hiking to witness the Ella gap is a must thing to do in Ella. After all, if Nuwara Eliya is the bride, Ella is like the bridesmaid, they go hand in hand with the incomparable beauty of their own.  Reaching Ella by train is once in a lifetime experience that offers you a load of breathtaking sceneries of the mountain landscapes and greeneries passing by.

The elegant railway station sets the laidback mood of Ella. And the city is blessed with the most panoramic kaleidoscope kind of views.

You can take a bunch of snaps to keep your Instagram stories going for a couple of months while truly experiencing the beauty of the hill country! Do not be hesitant to make your expedition in the countryside and collect a countless number of divine memories. The fascinating Ella gap, dream-like Ravana Ella falls, Little Adam’s peak veiled with an avalanche of clouds and wonderful Bambaragla peak are some of the top highlights you would find at Ella.

Peeping into a dazzling botanical garden

Get lost amidst brilliant country blooms as colourful butterflies fly from one flower to another to collect delightful nectar.  There are two renowned, botanical gardens in the hill country, none of them second to one another. Peradeniya and Hakgala Botanical Gardens are the exquisite jewels of hill country studded with rainbow-like blooms. At the park, you will find a wide range of endemic blooms such as orchids, herbs, rare plants and so much more. The gardens are impeccably manicured and maintained very well. Make sure to visit these gardens during April to March which is the season of flowers.

All in all, hill country is an amazing place to be and these things are must add colours to your hill country gateway.

It doesn’t matter even if you are a beach person make sure to add hill country to your travel bucket list and enjoy the above-mentioned hill country experiences in Sri Lanka.