Sri Lanka is the land of tea, spices and exotic flavors. The delicious Sri Lankan curries, koththu, hoppers and other delicacies are well known in many countries around the world. The Sri Lankan cuisine with its range of foods that stimulate the tastebuds are highly sought after by food connoisseurs around the world.

If you are visiting Sri Lanka it is essential to feast on the delightful traditional cuisines that the country has to offer. You may also be a chef or connoisseur visiting Sri Lanka specially for its cuisine. Or you may be a holiday maker just looking forward to some pleasure and relaxation

Indulge your tastebuds with the spicy flavors of traditional village cooking, made over smoky wood fires and served on leaves placed on woven trays. Visit spice gardens to get to know the different kinds of spices, their tastes and their uses. Get advice from the expert chefs as you learn the intricacies of Sri Lankan cooking. Tour a tea factory and learn the process of how tea leaves are made. Sip on a cup of exquisite tea that calms the mind and strengthens your spirit. Try exotic fresh fruits. Let your guide show you the hidden world of Sri Lankan street food, giving you a chance to try some really good koththu, hoppers and achcharu.

Experience Sri Lanka through food. Gain a new dimension for deliciousness. Check out our Culinary Trails tours below for this unique and wonderful opportunity.

Culinary Expedition (11 Days)

10 Nights
Culinary Expedition. Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise enriched by natural beauty and infused by exotic culture. One of its culture's kep aspect is...
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