Experience Cycling Tours in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the paradise island of the tropics. A tiny land of soaring mountains and gushing rivers, deep dark jungles and crashing waterfalls. A place where the sun shines throughout the year on sandy yellow beaches, turquoise seas and little fishing hamlets. A country of bustling trade in tea and spices, filled with friendly brown skinned natives whose brilliant smiles can make the day go brighter. A nation of many languages, races and religions, and the most perfect place to spend your holiday at.

However, getting to fully experience the magic of Sri Lanka may not be possible within just a few days. That fully immersive local experience would elude your sight as you attempt to traverse the most famous tourism hotspots and sights with your tour guide on your tour bus or other vehicle. It would just be the cookie cutter experiences designed for tourism. Nothing new, nothing real.

But do not lose heart, there’s a way. The best way to truly experience Sri Lanka with all five senses is to tour Sri Lanka on a bicycle. You can now join one of cycling tours with your tour guide, who will lead you along the best routes in complete safety. You will get to cycle on a normal bike or a mountain bike depending on the terrain.

Feel the brisk clean air of the mountains. Dip your bare feet into the cool waters of a crystal clear stream alongside your trail. Listen to your bicycle wheels crunching through the dry leaves fallen off the tall trees in woods that you bike through. Smell the fresh aroma of the bright green tea leaves around you as you cycle on estate trails. Stop to pluck a tea berry and savor its tart juices that quench the thirst of tea pluckers at work. Cycle through the noisy little villages and hamlets filled with natives from every walk of life. Stop at one of the houses to see how the locals live their everyday life. Work out your calf muscles as you cycle over wet sand on beaches, waves lapping at your heels. Take a break under the swaying fronds of a coconut tree, with a newly cut open king coconut in hand; the delicious and nutritious water within doing a great in rehydrating you. Every minute during your cycling tour will bring you a new experience.

No suffocatingly hot vehicles to cut you off from all the wonderful experiences that you need to feel with your skin. You don’t need to pay for time in the vehicle either. Do not worry that you will miss out on popular tourist hotspots of Sri Lanka. You can still visit them on your bike along the way. In fact, the more relaxed bike ride, with time to listen to your guide tell the history and legends of the places, will add more flavor to the experience. Sightseeing Sri Lanka on a bicycle is pure magic come to life.

So what are you waiting for. Check out some of our Cycling Tours to truly experience Sri Lanka.