Medin Poya is the day when Buddha visited his father King Suddodhana for the first time as the “Samma Sambuddha” (Fully Enlightened One). Medin Poya falls in March.

It was in the seventh year after the enlightenment of Sakyamuni Siddhartha Gautama Buddha that He, together with 20,000 bhikkus set out from Rajagahanuwara to Kapilawasthupura, His birthplace in response to an invitation sent by His father, King Suddodhana. He was visiting his father’s kingdom for the first time as the “Samma Sambuddha” (Fully Enlightened One) and was conducted to the palace by Minister Kaludai whom the King had dispatched to the Veluwana Monastery in Rajagahanuwara where Lord Buddha resided, with instructions to bring back his beloved son. Minister Kaludai was the only successful messenger who was able to accomplish this mission assigned by the King. Previously, nine courtiers, each accompanied by a thousand men had set out on the same mission, but had attained Arahantship and joined the Bhikku order on hearing the Buddha’s preaching. Minister Kaludai was able to convince the Blessed One to return home to visit his dying father, Princess Yasodhara, son Rahula and the many relatives and friends who resided in Kapilawasthupura.