Having trouble selecting the perfect family-friendly holiday package for your vacation this season. Look no further. Sri Lanka has the best family holiday options for you.

Sri Lanka – the pearl of the Indian Ocean. The famed tropical island of paradise. The haven of spices, tea and exotic foods. The land of brilliant multicolored sunrises and sunsets. The sunny heart of the tropics, where the golden beaches and swaying green palm trees and warm   is. A country with rich earth shot through with veins of sapphires, emeralds and other jewels. A country of nature, culture and long history. Sri Lanka is an island with something for every family member.

This holiday you can relax on a beach with a king coconut in hand as you get that perfect tan.  Splash amongst the mild waters of the tropics as you snorkel, surf or dive. Cruise around the coast to see the the giant of the sea – the blue whale. Swim with dolphins. Hike through wilderness as you look for rare butterflies, animals or birds. Get a thrill ride as you go white water rafting or wake boarding. Explore the ruins of ancient cities and learn their histories. Go on safaris in the island’s national parks and see herds of elephants, deer, monkeys, birds and other fauna. Tour a tea factory and/or a spice garden. Shop for clothes and antiques in the larger cities.

There’s a world of fun waiting for you. Simply check out our many family holiday tour packages below.

LK10051100 – Nature, Hills and Wildlife – 05 Nights

05 Nights
Relax among the central hills where you can feel the chills of the breeze from the mountains as they touches your face. Smell the sweet scented smell of the...
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USD 515 Upwards

LK10060400 – Into The Hills – 06 Nights

06 Nights
Into the Hills, as the name suggests, is an ideal family vacation to get away from the day to day urban environment and explore the lush green...
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USD 535 Upwards

LK10070200 – Walk Amidst Culture – 07 Nights

07 Nights
Experience a once in a lifetime adventure as a true islander of a tropical Country. Explore the World Famous Sigiriya Rock Fortress and the Temple of ...
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USD 680 Upwards

LK10071400 – Culture,Wilderness and Nature – 07 Nights

07 Nights
Explore the Culture, Wildlife and Nature in one trip. Drive through the Wilderness in Minneriya in an evening. Explore the masterpieces of Ancient...
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USD 610 Upwards

LK10071900 – Coast and Hills – 07 Nights

07 Nights
Chill and relax in the Hills and the coasts of the South. Visit the Sanctuary for the Gentle Giants in Pinnawala and spend an unforgettable evening among...
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USD 635 Upwards

LK10072100 – Culture and Wilderness – 07 Nights

07 Nights
Spend the vacation of your dreams. Experience the culture, heritage, wildlife and nature. Walk in the City of Culture, Kandy, The City of Heritage...
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USD 655 Upwards