Are you an expert golfer who wishes to challenge the toughest courses around the world? Or are you simply a golfing beginner who sees the attraction of the green?

Are you worried that your next holiday won’t give you the chance to engage in your passion?

Fear not. The tropical paradise of Sri Lanka has all the best conditions in the world for golfing. Rolling hills. Challenging waterways. Plenty of greenery. Naturally varied landscapes that just beg to golf on. Why bother golfing at an artificially created golf course; when you have the real thing specially fashioned by Mother Nature is right in front of you.

Test your skills on the greens of award winning 18-hole golf courses in Colombo, Kandy and Nuwara Eliya. Spend your holiday at at a golfing resort and indulge your senses in everything golf, while your family enjoys a myriad of well-planned activities. Brush up your skills in a Golf Academy with advice from experts.

Want to test your skills in the wild? No problem. Sri Lanka can challenge you like never before! Give your golfing irons a workout on the flat green plains right next to a sandy shoreline, or on the grassy hills of the central highlands. Learn to overcome changes in wind and weather, and to adjust your shots according to the terrain.

Sri Lanka is ready to give you the golfing experience of a lifetime!

So what are you waiting for pack your bags and check out our golfing tours below right now!

Green Fairways & Golf Break (9 Days)

08 Nights
Green Fairways & Golf Break. Sri Lanka though a renowned leisure destination for its mesmeric hill country, exquisite beaches, and fascinating cultural...
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