Wild Grass Nature Resort

Wild Grass Nature Resort, a luxurious jungle hideaway filled with solitude, untouched nature and peaceful relaxation is set up in a wooded landscape of 30 acres: lush greenery, imposing hills and a lovely lake brings about enthralling sceneries. With the ecosystem of the wilderness being untouched, the wide expanses of the resort gardens are vibrant with wildlife and birdlife: deer, wild rabbits, peacock and 40 varieties of bird. The resort gardens area also visited by wild elephants and wild boars.

It's wilderness with a combination of utter silence, absolute stillness of the jungle and privacy with luxury. The rock close to the entrance of Wild Grass Nature Resort is in fact scalable to those in a mood of soft-adventure. Wild Grass Nature Resort is for the nature and wild life lovers. Frogs, insects and birds are everywhere: even at the open sky bathrooms. This nature resort suits everybody: the single traveler, romantic couples and families.
Getting immersed in the nature at Wild Grass Nature Resort doesn't mean the guests are urged to sacrifice the luxury amenities of life. The resort is far from it: the villas live up to the luxury concept of life with utter ease even though set up in the wilderness. Wild Grass Nature Resort has adopted traditional organic farming methods to grow fruit and vegetables in its own gardens so that the kitchen would have garden-fresh vegetables. Some of the vegetable supplies arrive from the villages surrounding the resort.









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