Serendip Stone Bungalow

They have just reviewed this attractive 45 year old stone bungalow which boasts the best views of the Mahaweli River.

A charming guesthouse with stylish interiors and super views. The traditional architecture has been retained whilst the owners' skill and design ability has been utilised to the full in creating a peaceful and pretty guesthouse in the surburbs of Kandy. Away from all the noise, this charming and stylish guesthouse has a pool and is in easy reach of the sights.

The bungalow is best admired at nighht when candles create a magical atmosphere around the pool and gardens overlooking the river.

The gardens are home to many trees including Mango, advocado, orange, durijan and banana so take your pick or admire teh local Kingfisjers and woodpeckers taking nest.

Serendip is around 15-20mins drive from kandy centre (as are many quality boutiques ) but you will gain the best views and tranquility as Kandy City is very congested with traffic. The perfect budget yet stylish guesthouse for travellers wishing to get out and see the sights.








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