Sri Lanka Tented Safari Camping Yala

Yala wildlife National Park or Ruhuna National park, 2nd largest but most famous National park in Sri Lanka, located 300 kilometres or so from Colombo and as most diehard wildlife enthusiast will tell you it is the best place to spot Asian Elephants & Leopards in Sri Lanka, over 100 species of birds & 32 species of mammals have been recorded here and is considered a large bio-diversity hotspot.

Yala wildlife National park paths run through a spectrum of terrains from dense to scrub jungle, open savannah type to semi-arid areas, rock pools, ravines and fresh water lakes strewn with more than one prominent rocky outcrops, a snaking coastline where the wildlife behaves in an unconcerned and truly wild way and has ceased to take alarm and flee at the sight of humans but by no means docile, with over one hundred and fifty square miles of territory, traversing in Yala without a wildlife department guide is prohibited. The Asian elephant, leopard, black-bear along with crocodiles are the most common sights while peacocks, hornbills and the gray languor monkeys' keeps you company along the route with their ceaseless cries, the buffalo, another unsung denizen of Yala can be unpredictable, easily riled and extremely dangerous with their sharp horns, are quite common in Yala. Yala east or better known as Kumana is a bird watchers paradise with rarities like Ceylon shamas, paradise flycatchers, red-faced malkoha, great thick-knee, and not so rare peacocks adorning the paths during dawn & dusk.