With the grace of majestic giants and pristine tropical dry forest settings, Minneriya National Park is a perfect spot to spend few hours witnessing one of the most astonishing wildlife spectacles on earth.

Capture the golden opportunity to witness the Asia’s largest gathering of mighty elephants, wandering in the green grassland overlooking the beautiful Minneriya reservoir- the heart of the life of the national park.

Offering you a range of animals to discover, a Minneriya safari ride is a golden opportunity wildlife enthusiasts should not miss in their visit to Sri Lanka.

Renowned as a prominent stopover for wandering elephants searching for food during August and September the dry season, Minneriya national park attracts up to 300 giants from the neighbouring national parks.

The abundance of huge trees looks like clouds in green at distance such as Palu , Satin, Milla, Kalumediriya , and the diversity of lush grasses including Katu-una,Wali indi, Illuk the provide ample of food for the wildlife adding contrasting tropical ecosystems to the Minneriya safari experience.

Enjoy the flicker of monkeys swinging through the branches and search the forest for the sights of majestic elephants, leopards, sloth bear, mongoose, spotted deer, sambar deer, wild buffalo, porcupine and Indian pangolin.

Do not miss out on this quintessential safari destination that offers the best spotting of wildlife in its strikingly beautiful forest.
Plan your Minneriya safari with us and will make sure you a super thrilling and super smooth Minneriya safari experience.

Things to do in​ Minneriya National Park​

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