Sri Lanka is the world’s fourth largest producer of tea. The beautiful country where the famous Ceylon Tea comes from. Tea is the life blood of Sri Lanka. One of the biggest foreign income generators of the nation. A legacy of nearly two centuries brought in by the British Colonials.

Sri Lanka produces many varieties of tea; Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Silver Tips, Orange Pekoe, Green Tea, fruit flavored teas and much more. As you travel in Sri Lanka you would notice that the mountainsides of the Central Highlands and the hillsides of the Midlands are carpeted in brilliant green that attract the eye. It’s only as you get closer that you realize that the entire thick green carpets are actually acres and acres of healthy tea estates. The tea fields are usually separated by narrow trails used by the tea pluckers and other workers as they pluck mature green shoots or take care of the plants.

Therefore, if you are visiting Sri Lanka you cannot miss the opportunity to see the inner workings of Sri Lanka’s tea trade. Learn more about the history of Ceylon Tea. Visit some of the factories to see how tea leaves are processed and how the methods differ from factory to factory. Taste test the different types of tea and get to know their characteristics. Purchase souvenirs and gifts of delicious fresh Ceylon Tea. Get to know the best ways to brew the most delicious cuppa. Drink a wonderful steaming cup of tea brewed by expert tea brewers. And much more.</div

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Sri Lanka though a renowned leisure destination for its mesmeric hill country, exquisite beaches, and fascinating cultural attraction of ancient cities..
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