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Jaffna, the main city of Jaffna district (until the year 1824, the district was called Waligama) of the Northern Province is located in the northernmost peninsula of Sri Lanka. The Jaffna district is one of the 25 districts organized into the nine provinces, an artificial creation of the Colonial British (1815-1948) for the purposes of administration of the Island of Sri Lanka, then called Ceylon.

War Ruins
Jaffna is slowly rebuilding and repairing the damage left from the war. But east of the fort was Jaffna’s former government district, and some ruined structures, like the former kachcheri (administrative office), remain, pockmarked by bullets and shrapnel, moss-encrusted and slowly folding in on themselves.
Sella Sanathi Temple
The Annual festival of Katargama started on Friday the 1st of July 2011. There is a belief that the Lord Murugan traveled from the Sella Sanathi temple to Kataragama for the annual festival. This is the reason that the “Patha Yathra” is conducted from this temple to Kataragama.
Royal Palace Jaffna
Jaffna Palace ruins refer to the remains of the Royal Palace of Jaffna, the royal abode of the ruling dynasty of the Kingdom of Jaffna, Nallur, Jaffna in Northern Sri Lanka.
Nallur Kandaswamy Temple
It is here, in July-August (26 days before the August new moon) that the most important festival of the Jaffna Penin¬sula is held. The deity which is kept in the temple is placed on its chariot (the ratham or chariot¬temple) to make its annual procession along the roads surrounding the temple.
Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman Temple
Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman Temple is an ancient and historic Hindu temple located amidst the Palk Strait on the island of Nainativu, Sri Lanka. It is dedicated to Parvati who is known as Nagapooshani or Bhuvaneswari and her consort, Shiva who is named here as Nayinaar.
Nagadipa Viharaya
Nagadipa Viharaya, an ancient Buddhist temple is located in Nagadipa, one of the islands in a cluster that is situated close to the western coast of the Jaffna peninsula with Palk Strait shaping around it. The stupa which is of modest dimensions commemorates the Buddha’s third visit to Sri Lanka. The Image House next to the stupa features a fine golden Buddhist statue.
Keerimalai is a town in Jaffna District, Sri Lanka. Naguleswaram temple is located in this suburb also a mineral water spring called Keerimalai Springs reputed for its curative properties. In Tamil Keerimalai means Mongoose-Hill, see Naguleswaram temple.Keerimalai is situated from 25km north to jaffna
Jaffna Market
Jaffna’s colourful fruit and vegetable market is west of the bus stand, but the greater market area encompasses several glorious blocks beyond that. In the market itself, Mr M Chandresakaran’s stall , by the bananas, sells traditional Jaffna cigars.
Jaffna Library
The foundation stone of the library was laid on the 29th of March 1955 but its actual construction began only in 1958 and was completed in 1960. The library, built in the Mogul style, was destroyed with its valuable books, burnt by a fire lit by an uncontrolled mob which arrived by bus in the evening of the 1st of June 1981. It is believed that about 97,000 books, the entire collection was lost. The same day, Father Thavidhu (David), a famous scholar and book lover died of a heart attack when he heard the news.
Jaffna Fort
The Jaffna Fort, the second largest Dutch Fort in Sri Lanka, is located immediately south of the Jaffna town, with the southern side bounded by the shallow waters of Jaffna lagoon, the inlet of the Indian Ocean that carves out the Jaffna Peninsula.

“A true and exact description of the Great Island of Ceylon” (1672) by Dutch pastor Phillipus Baldaeus, who lived in Jaffna for about nine years narrates

Jaffna Archaeological Museum

Surprisingly, the building has somehow not been affected by the damage of the war. The construction started in 1976 and was completed about 10 years later according to the local staff. Many pieces and artefacts are found on the dusty shelves and in the dark Galleries of this small but charming museum. The findings of the excavation at Kantharodai led by P E. Pieris in 1917-1919 were kept here and are probably still here. There is the fragment of a torso which could be the same Pieris describes in his papers. There is also a standing Buddha statue in good condition which was discovered in 1969 at Puttur, east of Jaffna.

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