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Unawatuna is located 140 km south of Colombo along the Southern coastal belt of Sri Lanka, 5km south of the seaport of Galle.

Unawatuna can be reached by the Colombo-Galle (A2) main Motor road, the Southern Expressway as well as by the southern Railway line that presently runs from Colombo to Matara via Galle.

Diving and Snorkeling
“Unawatuna very famous for diving and it has fair reason. Galle area is one of natural harbor of country and this famous city was one of main trade city. In Unawatuna area you may see one of very special and important cool reef that spread in large natural bay shielded by a shallow coral reef. Not even that you may fine many 14 wrecks within this natural bay. Guests will never forget the amazing experience at Unawatuna. It’s very rare to fine 14 wrecks in one place and Unawatuna is rich with it. On the other hand this is one of best and hot spot of snorkeling. One of best thing is you can spend your time with family and friends in here with safe and there is no threat of Sharks.
Peace Pagoda (Japan Temple)
Peace and watch for the path through the jungle. You will then have to walk about ten minutes. Glimpses of clear blue sea will greet you now and then, and butterflies will flit across your path.
Sinharajaya Rain Forest
This rain forest located in Galle District and it’s very important. This natural forest spread 88.64km2 not even that this great treasure has been nominated one of World Heritage Site. You can study about many species of trees and animals. There are so many endemic insets and fishes species you may find only Sinharaja Forest. Studies on the fauna of Sinharaja have revealed that there is a high degree of endemism among the butterflies, fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals are greater than 50%. There have been reports of sightings of a few animals in the eastern Sector.
Turtles in Unawatuna
“At Unawatuna , with a bit of luck the tourists may witness turtles laying eggs along the shore. Diving also affords the opportunity to enjoy the sight of these magnificent sea turtles swimming around in the blue waters of the Indian Ocean.
Jungle Beach at Unawatuna
Jungle Beach, (4 km from Unawatuna ) is a small stretch of beach with the forest right behind it. As the name suggests, it has its share of wilderness. An ideal beach to enjoy some snorkelling, it can be accessed from the Unawatuna beach by Boat. A minor road too leads to the Jungle beach from Unawatuna.
Yatagala Rajamaha Viharaya at Unawatuna
The Yatagala Rajamaha Viharaya, one of the oldest rock temples of Sri Lanka can be reached from the Unawatuna -Hinatigala road. The rock temple was believed to have been built about 2300 years ago. The temple of which the walls are adorned with murals, houses a 9 meter long reclining Buddha statue.
Unawatuna Lagoon Canoeing Excursion
“Unawatuna is a beautiful island of Sri Lanka blessed with hundreds of rivers, reservoirs, ancient canals and lagoons. This excursion will allow you to explorer the natural beauty of the landscapes and the culture of the local people. During this leisure canoeing trip on this beautiful lagoon, canoeists can marvel at ever-changing landscapes and fascinating variety of flora and fauna. Canoeing is the perfect way for you to appreciate the prolific wildlife including beautiful birds and breathtaking views of the surrounding mangrove forest as you paddle.