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Adventure With a Twist

11 Nights
Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise adorned by a diversified landscape that is breathtaking to explore. In this tour, you’ll get to explore deep into the heart of Sri Lanka as you journey through the wilder parts of the island, hiking and trekking through the land and journeying on waters both calm and sprightly.
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USD 1340 Upwards

Ayurveda Getaway

07 Nights
Experience the cleaning of your body and soul on Sri Lanka‘s southern coast, with prominent ocean views surrounded by spring sea life and ambient air. Experience the excitement of the sea life and vibrating relaxation in the Sidhalepa Ayurveda Health Center, with Ayurveda‘s medieval eminent pioneering Ayurvedic retreat.
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USD 1060 Upwards

Beach Getaway

07 Nights
Sri Lanka is adorned by an encircling of golden sandy beaches that offer quite splendid views of seas, which justifies its fame as the pearl of the Indian Ocean. Visit Sri Lanka‘s southern beaches bustling with tourists and venture into the seas, snack on the delicious sea food and experience the thrill of the sea based life.
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USD 500 Upwards

Culinary Expedition

10 Nights
Sri Lanka is a tropical paradise enriched by natural beauty and infused by exotic culture. One of its culture’s kep aspect is its native spice-heavy selection of cuisine and delights. Appease your taste buds with the local delicacies and eats while enjoying the diversified, vibrant nature and wildlife as you tour through Sri Lanka. Enjoy the local prepared cuisines varying from the tradition meals of the rural to the exotic, extravagant multi-cultural inspired delicacies of the urban.
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USD 890 Upwards

Cultural & Central Country

05 Nights
Go on a full tour of Paradise Island, experiencing all the sensations of each and every continent. From the scenic hills and cool breeze in Kandy, to historical and cultural masterpieces which are named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and the Sigiriya ‘Lion Rock’ Fortress and the Dambulla Golden Cave Temples.
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USD 495 Upwards

Gefforey Bawa Impressions

07 Nights
Explore the Architectural is a trip for those who appreciate true beauty of landscapes and unique wildlife. Explore the mangrove depths of Lunuganga Estate which was once the home of Sir Geoffrey Bawa. Enjoy walking over cobblestones seeped in history as you view the old city of Galle. Create an unforgettable and wonderful experience on your vacation.
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USD 1335 Upwards