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Airplane Transfers in Sri Lanka have never been easier!

Soar off into some of the most popular tourist destinations in the island with Airplane Transfers in Sri Lanka.
Travel in comfort and style, and enjoy the beautiful scenery as it wizzes by a 1000 feet below you.

Present air transfer services allow business travelers and leisure travelers with the joy of having breathtaking aerial views of verdant green landscapes, waterways, highlands and beaches without the hassle or worries of speeding, stopping or traffic!
Plus you could make great time when you reach your journey almost 85% faster than you would have if you travelled by car!

Then brace yourself for an adventerous landing at a nearby airfield or water body, an epic finale to wrap up your journey.

Sri Lanka Airplane Transfer rates

Classic vintage airplanes, perfect for amazing flying experiences will take you around the island in amazing scenic flights to witness the beauty of the pearl of the Indian Ocean in all its glory.
Even if you find the fixed schedule below uncomfortable, you always have the option of going for Airplane Charter Services in Sri Lanka to custom order your journey.

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Colombo (BIA) / Kandy 15323176
Colombo (BIA) / Sigiriya19930229
Colombo (BIA) / Koggala20631237
Colombo (BIA) / Dickwella22634260
Colombo (BIA) / Trincomalee22735262
Colombo (BIA) / Batticaloa (serving Pasikudah)23035265
Colombo (BIA) / Weerawila (serving Hambantota, Tissa, and Yala)23035265
Colombo (BIA) / Castlereagh (Hatton)50075575
Castlereagh (Hatton) / Koggala60090690
Batticaloa (serving Pasikudah) / Colombo (BIA)23035265
Batticaloa (serving Pasikudah) / Waters Edge (Colombo City)23035265
Dickwella / Colombo (BIA)22634260
Dickwella / Waters Edge (Colombo City)22634260
Kandy / Colombo (BIA)15323176
Kandy / Waters Edge (Colombo City)15323176
Kandy / Koggala15323176
Kandy / Dickwella19930229
Kandy / Weerawila (serving Hambantota, Tissa, and Yala)19930229
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Koggala / Colombo (BIA)20631237
Koggala / Waters Edge (Colombo City)20631237
Weerawila (serving Hambantota, Tissa, and Yala) / Colombo (BIA)23035265
Weerawila (serving Hambantota, Tissa, and Yala) / Waters Edge (Colombo City)23035265
Sigiriya / Colombo (BIA)19930229
Sigiriya / Trincomalee19930229
Trincomalee / Sigiriya19930229
Trincomalee / Colombo (BIA)22735262
Waters Edge (Colombo City) / Kandy15323176
Waters Edge (Colombo City) / Koggala20631237
Waters Edge (Colombo City) / Dickwella22634260
Waters Edge (Colombo City) / Batticaloa (serving Pasikudah)23035265
Waters Edge (Colombo City) / Weerawila (serving Hambantota, Tissa, and Yala)23035265
Waters Edge (Colombo City) / Castlereagh (Hatton)50075575
Terms and Conditions
  • Names, passport numbers & nationality of passengers are required 72hrs prior to flying (please email)
  • Payment to be made in full advance for the confirmation of flight
  • Flights are operate only during day light hours and during acceptable weather conditions.
  • In the event of a canceled flight, the crew will help you find alternative transport.
  • Maximum capacity of 04 passengers & 20Kgs of luggage per flight
  • Age of Childern is considered as 3-8 years
  • Service hours are from 0700 hrs to 1730 hrs daily (subjected to weather conditions)
  • Upon confirmation of a booking no refunds will be made
  • All passengers are insured
  • The carrier reserves the right to delay, extend, reschedule or cancel a flight for operational reasons: bad weather, VIP movements or other similar situations beyond the immediate control of the carrier.
  • Carrier shall not, in any circumstances whatsoever be liable or responsible in respect to any inaccuracy, misdescription, detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness, additional expenses or injury, and of whatever kind occurring to any passenger, property, or baggage at any time.