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Until further notice, please note that we no longer rent bikes.

Rent A Bike in Sri Lanka is the most economical means of enjoying touring holidays in Sri Lanka. In the backdrop of changing terrain and climate of the compact island, holidays spent in riding a bike visiting numerous tourist attractions of Sri Lanka, is bound to bring in great joys and merriment to the serious bikers as well as to the motor bike riding enthusiasts.

Rent A Bike in Sri Lanka at Lakpura Travels (Pvt.) Ltd., Moratuwa

Lakpura Travels at Moratuwa caters exclusively to the foreigners with respect of Motorbike renting and motorbike touring in Sri Lanka. You may Rent A Bike on daily basis, weekly basis or monthly basis. You may Rent A Bike for a specific duration. You may Rent A Bike and request for a budget tour package so that Lakpura could make all your hotel bookings at the given cities or tourist attractions.

Rent A Bike safety precaution in Sri Lanka

Please note it is mandatory for all the motor bike riders and the pillion riders to wear helmets in Sri Lanka. The government stipulation is applied not only to the main roads but also to the every nook and corner of the island.

Terms and Conditions concerning Rent A Bike

Delivery of the Bike

We are ready to deliver you motor bike to the airport, to the hotel where you stay or any other location of convenience to you. The additional charge for this service is USD 30 (To pay in Advance)

Motor Bike Rider

(a) Hirer must hold Motor-bike license / International driving license valid at least for 12 months.
(b) In addition to the driver’s license, a valid ID card/Passport/Credit Card or a Guarantor.
(c) Age limit: above 21 years.
(d) Helmets: 02 helmets per Bike are lent to the rider free of charge.
(e) The use of motor bike is restricted to the person concerned in the rental contract.

Payment to Lakpura Travels (Pvt.) Ltd.

(a) The Deposit and the Rental on Rent A Bike is required to be paid in advance.


(a) All Bikes are insured for the rider and the pillion rider.
(b) Third party liability is fully covered by the insurance.
(c) The rider or the renter should cover the personal injuries on their own Insurance coverage.

Security of the Motor Bike

(a) The security of the Motorbike is the responsibility of the Hirer.
(b) All rental motorbike are provided with lockable security cables.
(c) The security of the Motorbike is the responsibility of the Hirer.

Safety and damages

(a) You are requested to refrain from riding in beaches, sand dunes and similar terrain where the sand could be sprayed into the machine.
(b) The hirer of the motor Bike is liable to pay minor damages to the bike up to USD 150 in the event of an accident or damage.