We understand that you are planning to travel in Sri Lanka and is currently deciding your transporation options.

We would like to enlighten you with some aspects of Rent A Car and Motoring in Sri Lanka. We understand that driving can be a daunting task in an unfamiliar country and therefore we would like to help you choose between a chauffer driven car or a self driven car.

(a) Advantages of having a chauffer driven car in Sri Lanka

* Our chauffer will assist you at tourist destinations, hotels, restaurants, shops etc
Essential local knowledge is always at your hand preventing wastage of your time and money.

* In case of a breakdown, our chauffer will have a replacement vehicle provided without delay.

* Our chauffer will take care of all travel requirements such as vehicle and fuel.

(b) Disadvantages of self-driving in Sri Lanka

Driving in Sri Lanka is a whole new expirience; it is a sharp contrast to driving in grand highways of 1st world countries.

* On long journeys, the average safe driving speed is 40km per hour. As such, even 115 km journey from Colombo to Kandy still takes at least three hours.While the 21-26 seater Japanese buses (private transportation) are strictly enforced with the speed limits by the traffic police, although 42 seater long chassis Lanka Ashok Leyland busses (public transportation) are driven with a bit a of a dash and daring. Having arrived at the airport, taking the wheel right away and driving in Sri Lanka is bound to test your patience.

* In the event of an accident, you would be slipped into a position between a rock and a hard place. Local crowds and police would be extra courteous to foreigners. Yet the hassle with regularly lengthy and time consuming procedures at police stations could turn out to be very annoying and would ruin your trip.

* In case of a vehicle breakdown, you would be left without a paddle in a stream unless your self driven car is insured with a premium insurance scheme. Then again, delays could take place.

* Finally:

Lakpura Travels (Pvt) Ltd. does not rent self driven vehicles.