Are you a person who always seeks the best of the best? A person with refined tastes and the money to afford it? Do you like fine things? Do you want make your Sri Lankan holiday the most luxurious experience ever?

Stays at award winning hotel accommodations. Souvenirs and gift from popular brand name stores. Food from top restaurants that have made global food connoisseurs lose their minds in delight. Visits to famed UNESCO World Heritage Sites.  Our Ultimate Luxury Tours now gives you the chance to savor the crème de la crème of the Sri Lankan holiday experience.

Indulge in plush and private accommodations with scenic views, wide screen TVs, comfortable living spaces, stylish tropical designs and furnishing, branded bathroom fittings, jacuzzis, bespoke toiletries, private balconies or gardens and all the other amenities that you could possibly ask for. These of course include mouthwatering food, beautiful blue swimming pools, beach access (if at a coastal city), access to go hiking or cycling, and a host of other facilities.

Visit the most famous and attractive sights of Sri Lanka that will leave you amazed. Relax at the best beaches and engage in the most exciting activities that Sri Lanka has to offer. Delight your refined tastebuds with the shocking flavors of Sri Lankan spices at top Sri Lankan restaurants such as the Hill Club in Nuwara Eliya, Bedspace Kitchen in Unawatuna, The Ministry of the Crab in Colombo, and Cafe Chill in Ella. Purchase branded tea, top quality cinnamon, authentic antiques, Sri Lankan batiks and woodcraft from famous stores and the original producers. Many wonderful ultra luxurious experiences await you.

So go ahead and plan your amazing holiday experience with our Ultimate Luxury Tour Packages below.

Exploring Paradise (15 Days)

14 Nights
Exploring Paradise- like the name suggests, is a journey of discovery that takes you on an unimaginably wonderful trip to some of Sri Lanka’s most ..
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USD 1200 Upwards

Hidden Voyages (15 Days)

Immerse in a perfectly sun-kissed holiday through the hills in Kandy and the untouched foot paths of Gal Oya. A sense of luxury while exploring the unknown..
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USD 1840 Upwards