While there are several cities in Sri Lanka, much of the landscape in the country is wild and untamed. Deep forests harboring many secrets. Many undiscovered species of flora and fauna. Thousands of identifiable bird species that either endemic or migratory. Giant herds of Sri Lankan elephants, an endemic subspecies of the Asian Elephant. Protected environments filled with rare and endemic wildlife. Whale and dolphin sightings off the coast. Marvelous underwater sea life. And many other sights filled with wild nature.

If you are a wildlife or nature lover, these sights would definitely be of interest to you. You may even be visiting Sri Lanka to catch a glimpse of some elusive fauna. With our Wildlife Holiday packages you can fulfill your craving for amazing Sri Lankan wildlife.

Go on wildlife safaris in some of Sri Lanka’s national parks to catch sight of elephants, leopards, sloth bears, deer, buffalo, sambar and other species. Hike through the Depp tropical jungles of Sri Lanka to discover rare flora and fauna. Catch sight of monkeys and other wildlife as you explore the ruins of ancient cities. Go birdwatching during the migratory season to catch sight of giant flocks of birds with many species in them, a unique sight that’s only seen in Sri Lanka. Pamper yourself with private luxury whale watching cruises to catch sight of the giants of the sea. Explore the depths of mangrove swamps on boats to see many waterbirds, alligators, crocodiles and wild boar. Snorkel along the coast to take a look at colorful coral and the tropical fish that inhabit the shallows of Sri Lanka. And much more.

Enjoy the most wonderful wildlife sights that Sri Lanka can offer with our Wildlife Holidays below.

LK10010100 – Wild Trails – 01 Night

01 Night
Sri Lanka though a renowned leisure destination for its mesmeric hill country, exquisite beaches, and fascinating cultural attraction of ancient cities...
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USD 150 Upwards

LK10051700 – Bird Watching Tour – 05 Nights

05 Nights
Start your adventure in Paradise Island from the coastal belt among the schools of whales as they swim pass you. Explore the Old Colonial...
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USD 505 Upwards

LK10061700 – Big 05 – 06 Nights

06 Nights
Start your adventure in Paradise Island from the coastal belt among the schools of whales as they swim pass you.Go on safaris in major national parks where you will probably spot the elusive leopard. Explore the wilderness hidden among the flora and fauna.
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USD 580 Upwards

LK10071500 – Wild Wonders – 07 Nights

07 Nights
Wild Wonders. One of the most surprising and exciting aspects Sri Lanka is its immense wildlife diversity. You will encounter a complete change...
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USD 660 Upwards

LK10090300 – Southern Beaches of Serendib – 09 Nights

09 Nights
Explore the central hill country and walk against the breeze. Experience the chilled breeze of the hills and the warmth of the sun in the southern coast..
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USD 830 Upwards

LK10091200 – Wildlife of Sri Lanka – 09 Nights

09 Nights
Wildlife of Sri Lanka is a nature lover’s ideal holiday experience. The tropics of Sri Lanka has many wildlife conversations, national parks, sanctuaries..
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USD 815 Upwards