Discover the charm of the tropical wilderness of Sri Lanka at its best, in a Wilpaththu safari ride and spot the glory of the untamed wildlife.
Go on a thrilling safari adventure. Capture the unforgettable sights of a diverse of flora and fauna.

Wilpaththu -the largest national park in Sri Lanka is one of the outstanding parks that charms travellers around the worlds with its wildlife spectacles.

Explore the stunning scenery and the incredibly abundant wildlife, overlooking the dazzling dry tropical rain forest and the silver-blue small water pools lay without a ripple.
Rest assuring you the sights of mighty elephants, a Wilpaththu Safari can also offer you the views of spotted deer, barking deer, jackals, sambhar, wild pig, and water buffalo.
Apart from the mammals, a Wilpaththu safari can guarantee you an ample of opportunities for spotting incredibly beautiful swamps of butterflies saturated with vivid colours including great egg fly, great orange tip, glad-eye bushbrown, blue Mormon, common Mormon, crimson rose and more.

Thanks to the stunning coastal belt, shallow lakes, dense scrublands, treeless grasslands and thick forest, you‘ll catch a variety of wildlife during your Wilpaththu safari experience. The small water bodies scatter around the park is a prominent feature that enhances the photographic character of the park, while attracting a verity of aquatic birds and reptiles.

For those who are in love with the tropical wildlife, Wilpaththu safari is a must.

Arrange your Wilpaththu safari with us and we’ll guarantee you a safe and smooth ride for a great price.

Things to do in Wilpattu National Park

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