Enjoy the unspoilt beauty outdoors in the tropical wilderness and witness the awe-inspiring moments of wildlife and magnificent nature with a Yala safari ride.

Offering you a Bazaar of Opportunities to spot a diverse of wildlife, Yala national park is a perfect getaway for a complete change of scenery of your daily lifestyle.Reputed as the national park with the highest concentration of leopards in Sri Lanka, these lazy yet ferocious predators are the main highlight of a Yala Safari.

Presenting you fierce leopards throughout the park saturated with thorny shrubs, tall trees, scenic lagoons and golden sand dunes, January to July is the season, one can catch the most leopard sightings.

Capture the glimpse of exclusive leopards and watch the mud-bathing playful elephants.

Apart from the sights of majestic elephants and leopards, a Yala safari can bring you the astonishing sight of exclusive sloth bear, wild boar, water buffalo, spotted deer, sambar and golden jackal.

Addition to the mammal population, Yala is a true haven for migrate and residence birds including beautiful peacock, Flamingo, Pelican, Spoonbill, painted stork, rare black-necked Stork, grey heron, purple heron, night heron, Darter, garganey, whimbrel, Pigeon, and Flycatchers and more.

Sit back and relax and get ready to capture the incredible sighting of wild animals roaming freely in the bush that won’t let you stop snapping your camera.

Let us be your Yala safari buddy as we can arrange you a hassle free safari experience for a reasonable price.

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Things to do in Yala National Park

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